• Mark Hard at Work!
    Mark Hard at Work!
    Come in today for friendly and clean experience that will stay with you forever!
  • Is This Seat Taken?
    Is This Seat Taken?
    Our artists work in a colorful environment to keep inspired and it also gives you some eye candy while getting your own permanent art works.
  • Heads Up
    Heads Up
    These fantastic pieces of taxidermy hang over our front door and have their eyes on you!
  • It's Easy Being Green
    It's Easy Being Green
    Relax in our viewing gallery and watch as your friends or family get their tattoos from one of our talented artists.
  • Cool & Comfy
    Cool & Comfy
    Style is our game and we're winning! Chill out on our couches and take in the scenery!

Fat Brothers Tattoo and Art Emporium was established in 2004 with the goal of offering Highland’s community some of the finest artists and their work in a clean, friendly environment. Whether you want a new tattoo or laser removal – we have everything you could want, and if we can’t do something in the shop, we will point you to right place. Come in today, if only to say hi and check out the paintings, sculptures and more from our talented artists and staff!



While every tattoo and design is different and can vary greatly, these are some general guidelines we follow in our pricing criteria.

$25 – Drawing Fee for a custom design created by one of our artists. Once it’s drawn and paid for, it’s yours. Take it home, live with it for a while or choose another artist if you prefer. The price of drawing fee is credited to your whole price when the work is done.

$100 per hour for tattooing – $60 minimum for anything.